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On the second day of the workshop, we headed to the South Tufa area of Mono Lake which was the same place I had headed the night before the workshop. Fortunately, this evening, there were far fewer people there, and once the sun had set, we mostly had the place to ourselves.

While scouting around for possible spots to shoot at nighttime, I took some opportunistic shots.

We were treated to a very nice sunset as well as some lightning far in the distance. I captured a few bolts, but nothing worth posting.

After the sun had set, I went back to the spot that I had chosen earlier for my first Milky Way shots. This site ended up having some fun possibilities with the clouds.

During the blue light "hour" before full darkness

Practicing my own light painting. I was interested to see if I could do some of what we worked on the previous day on my own this day.

We did a group star trail this night once the clouds cleared away. This picture above was one I took while my other camera was off doing the star trail thing for about two hours. I had been waiting for the Milky Way to line up just in this spot while taking other shots, periodically checking in to see its position.

And here are the results of the star trail work. Probably my favorite of the three star trail shots I did during the workshop.  Mostly because there are fewer more well defined trails in this one.

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