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On the last day of the workshop, after classroom work and an early dinner, we headed to Bodie State Historical Park. Bodie is an old mining ghost town at around 8000 ft that is kept in a state of arrested decay. This basically means that they try to keep it in the state it is currently in, not letting it fall completely apart.

The very special thing about this evening and night is that the park closes to the public at 6:00 PM. We started our time here at 6:00. This meant that other than the people who care for the park, we were there alone. 12 photographers who played nicely with others able to spread out and shoot pretty much wherever we wanted.

While scouting around for possible nighttime shots, I took these.

This was the site I chose to set up my star trail shot later.

After being rained on a bit, we were treated to a pretty special sunset.

At the tail end of the sunset, I came across this composition and decided I would try some non star trail photography doing my own light painting here.

Here are the results.  The windows an door were lit by various lights I had.  The church in the background was lit by others in the group doing their thing, but I liked the combination so asked them to keep the lights on there.

Then I went over and joined he church group for a couple of shots.

After the church shots, I headed over to the general store which has these lights in it that are lit all the time.  Strangely, they are not sure where the power for those lights come, so a bit of a legend has sprung up around them. I painted the truck with a light to get it to show up along with the store lights.

And my star trail shot for the final night.  This is a combination of three different frames.  Two lighting the wagon from different angles, and a composite of multiple star trail shots.

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